JCB Wearparts

The JCB Wearparts range is as wide and diverse as the machines and Attachments JCB sell around the world. The range covers a huge variety of products all designed to support our machines in the field with high quality, value-for-money products. You'll find everything you need at your local JCB Dealer, from JCB Mini Excavator Teeth to Two Part Tooth Systems for Heavy Excavators and Wheeled Loaders, toeplates, Pins, Bushes and breaker steels. JCB as a global leading manufacturer of construction equipment understands our customers need support through the extended life of their machines.

JCB Wearparts are a key requirement and consideration for our customers to ensure operational productivity, efficiency and maximising return on investment.

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JCB Quality & Lifetime Warranty

At JCB, we understand that the number one priority for our customers is maximising uptime and protecting your investment. JCB Wearparts come from trusted and audited sources which conform to strict ISO / BSE quality levels so we can be confident our customers get the best balance of quality and price. Because of this knowledge of the production and auditability - JCB Service offer a Lifetime Warranty on Wearparts against breakages – showing our commitment to a quality product and supporting our customers.

We understand that Wearparts in their nature do wear, however a breakage is not acceptable for us or our customers.


Your priority

JCB Mini Excavator Teeth

The JCB Mini and Loader teeth share the same JCB Aggressor design, developed for JCB's range of heavyline machinery. Which is why, along with extensive testing we know the quality and performance are more than up to the job.

From standard single strap, Mini Tooth suitable for Micros, minis, skid steer loaders, compact backhoes and compact wheeled loading shovels and designs specific to zero tail swing machines the options offer the performance you need and expect from JCB – in a smaller package. This range is available in cast form for normal duty and forged for heavier duty applications – the best of both worlds. JCB mini excavator teeth feature a single flange design. This gives a flat profile to the bottom of the bucket allowing a clean finish to trench bottoms.

A_MINI_90Z-1_2 [3:2] TIF

Zero tail swing machines

JCB Supertooth

The JCB Supertooth is a market leading tooth design due to the metallurgical composition and unique shape and design. Cast using a unique material mix and Austenitic Ductile Iron (ADI) the Supertooth profile and shape are designed to prevent the tooth breaking; maximise wear life by wearing, not breaking.

Designed for JCB Backhoe Loaders and Midi Excavators the JCB Supertooth sets the Wearparts bench market for quality and durability.


Unique shape and design

JCB Aggressor Tooth Systems

The JCB Aggressor Range is JCB’s range of side pin, CAT type teeth - designed, tested and approved to be used on JCB equipment from 4 – 70 tonnes. Available in a range of sizes, adaptors and tips – the JCB Aggressor range provides a high quality, cost effective solution which is interchangeable with the market standard.

The current range of JCB Aggressor Wearparts are fitted to all JCB GP ECO Buckets and are supported by the JCB global dealer network.

JCB Aggressor Series - GP Tip

Used from 4 - 70 tonnes

JCB S Series Tooth Systems

The range of JCB 'S' Series Wearparts offer JCB customers a range of high-quality, affordable products in a range of tip and adapter options to suit construction equipment from 4 - 60 tonnes in a wide variety of applications. The JCB 'S' Series range are a direct replacement to the ESCO Super V™ or similar products with a high quality, affordable product.

Available in a wide range of tip types and adaptor profiles to suit a wide range of buckets, shovels, ground types and applications – give your dealer a call to find out exactly what’s in the JCB range.

s series teeth

Suitable with a wide range of products

JCB Bucket Wear Protection

To support JCB Attachments continued success in providing industry leading buckets, JCB Service offer a range of JCB Bucket Wear Protection. This is a range of Aftermarket weld on bucket protection, designed to the highest quality and all to further improve bucket life, meaning the parts meant to wear can be replaced keeping your bucket in the best shape possible for longer.

Tracked excavator, application, demolition site

Improve machine lifetime

JCB Toeplates / Sections / Edges

JCB dealers can supply a wide range of bucket and shovel types to suit every operating function and help maximise machine performance.

With an ever increasing range of machines, applications and markets, the JCB range of toeplates is rapidly expanding to support a wide range of buckets, shovels and grabs in a wide range of operating applications and to help maximise productivity and the overall life of the attachment.

Available in welded single edge, bolt-on single edge, bolt-on double edge and bolt-on multi piece a toeplate can be critical to saving the operator costs of replacing the whole attachment and ensuring the attachment is performing well. So much so, that the correct selection of toeplate for machine and application can have a huge impact on your wallet, the bucket wear and the performance and output of the machine in application.

All JCB toeplates are manufactured from the highest grade steel which is also capable of being welded for incorporation into a bucket structure.


Manufactured from the highest grade steel

JCB Pins & Bushes

It is easy to overlook how important these relatively simple components are to the smooth functioning of a machine. Pins and bushes allow machines to perform their full range of movements, enabling accurate digging, grading, loading, placement and steering.

JCB pins are made from the very highest quality materials to ensure maximum performance and safety. Across the range, JCB employs a variety of technologies to suit the application, such as Manganese Phosphate (Rocol) coating or induction hardening.

These may not be present in spurious pins sold in the aftermarket which will not perform to the same level.

Only JCB pins and bushes will return a machine performance to ‘as new’ and they can be kept in first class condition with regular maintenance

pins and bushes

All applications

JCB Breaker Steels

JCB offer a range of breaker steels and parts to suit all JCB breakers. From the JCB 8008 Micro Excavator, to the JCB 1CX, 3CX Backhoe Loader and up to the JS460 Excavator machines.

JCB Attachments offer a full range of breakers with a range of Steels to support the applications. *Hydraulic breakers or steels will not function without adequate lubrication. Always specify the correct JCB formulated hammer greases for maintenance of JCB breakers.

Breaker Steels

Suitable with all JCB Breakers

JCB Wearpads

Used throughout JCB, Wearpads protect the machines moving parts by providing maximum efficiency and life of critical wear components for Telescopic Handlers, Backhoe Loaders, Mini Excavators and more! By reducing mechanical wear on metal to metal surfaces, JCB Wearpads provide a cost effective solution to keep moving parts working for longer.

From design, JCB engage with leading suppliers to ensure that the right materials are selected for the applications. Mechanical, thermal, chemical and environmental tests are regularly performed to ensure maximum performance, giving ongoing confidence that our materials perform in application under actual working conditions.

The unique composition of materials within, provide a self-lubricating, low weight and low friction product. For customers this means a product designed to last longer than other products to provide an abrasion, impact, chemical and corrosion resistant material - which can operate at a very wide load, speed and temperature range.


Cost effective solution

JCB Agricultural Tines and Wearparts

JCB Service Support a wide range of Wearparts, Tines and Parts specifically to suit the wide range of JCB Agricultural Attachments, making life easier, safe, productive, extending the machine and attachment life – saving costs throughout.

agricultural tines

Easy, safe, productive